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Positive Affirmation Music

Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

Karen Drucker’s positive affirmation music is so healing and empowering! This CD, “The Heart of Healing”, has some of her best positive affirmation songs to inspire healing.

Please visit Karen’s website to hear more of her music. Karen’s music is a true blessing to this world.

Karen Drucker and Robyn Nola co-created a set of positive affirmation cards with Robyn’s art and Karen’s positive affirmations. It’s called,  “I Start My Day With Love” and it is now available!

I Start My Day With Love: Positive Affirmations

Friday, February 18th, 2011

Watch Affirmation Video Here: I Start My Day With Love: Positive Affirmation Cards

Healing affirmation card set with photography by Robyn Nola and affirmations by Karen Drucker. Available for purchase at and music by Karen Drucker,

The Soul of Healing Affirmations by Deepak Chopra

Sunday, October 17th, 2010

Created for anyone wishing to deepen the experience of meditation and to better understand the transformative power of intention. In the vein of Dr. Chopra’s hugely successful “Seven Spiritual Laws Of Success”, this CD contains twenty-six simple and effective affirmations combined with transporting, soothing music that fully engages the body and spirit in concert toward balance, healing, and rejuvenation. No experience necessary. Requires no incense, no concentration, no painful sitting positions, no saffron robes. Requires only your self. Inquire within. Luxurious Rasa AltarPak includes 26 affirmations plus 30-page spiral perennial flipbook. Created exclusively by Deepak Chopra.

A very powerful affirmation

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

Joy fills every cell in my body.

This affirmation is written by Karen Drucker. It is the affirmation card set called, I Start My Day With Love. All photography in this card deck is done by Robyn Nola.

Start your Day With Love

Friday, February 12th, 2010

robyn nola affirmation cards

When you Start Your Day With Love that’s what you get more of. Love, love, love.

I Start My Day With Love affirmation cards are a collaboration of artist Robyn Nola and singer/songwriter Karen Drucker. Robyn was introduced to Karen’s music at the time when she needed it the most. After Robyn received news about her life-threatening kidney disorder, Karen’s affirmation-filled songs were just what the doctor ordered. When Robyn and Karen met at Celebrate Your Life in Scottsdale, AZ, they knew they were destined to create something together! That’s when the I Start My Day With Love affirmation card deck was born!

The cards are filled with the healing and colorful images from Robyn’s newest collection of photography. Karen’s positive affirmations grace the cards with her wisdom and healing words. The cards are perfect for your desk or meditation space.

A great way to start your day with love is with a positive affirmation. Starting your day in this way, can change your whole day. Also makes a great gift for your friends and family. Who couldn’t use a little love?

The affirmation cards come in a plastic case that turns into an mini easel to display on your desk or counter top.

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