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Aloha Affirmations by Robyn Nola
an iPhone App to Brighten and Enlighten

Beautiful photos of Hawaii paired with positive affirmations for your iPhone!

Aloha Affirmations is a 28-card deck now available for your iPhone. Aloha is more than just a word: it’s a spirit, a way of life. Aloha Affirmations remind us to live with the Aloha Spirit everyday. Practicing positive affirmations is a empowering way to start your day! Only .99!

NOW AVAILABLE at the App Store

Ever since Robyn Nola’s first visit to the Hawaiian Islands, she has been moved by the spirit of Hawaii and the intense beauty found there. Aloha Affirmations bless the beauty found in nature. Each card features Robyn Nola’s photographic art of Hawaii, paired with positive affirmations. The affirmations that Robyn wrote are inspired by the Aloha Spirit. The cards are filled with beautiful waterfalls, healing rainbows, colorful flowers and so much more.

Sample Affirmation card from Aloha Affirmations: “Every one of my cells radiates love and light.”

With the Aloha Affirmations app, you can:
-Share your Aloha Affirmation cards on Facebook
-Email inspiring art and affirmations to your friends and family
-Save your favorite affirmation cards to your photo library and use as wallpaper
-Practice daily positive affirmations
-Experience the healing beauty of Hawaii

Future Updates:
-We will be adding more cards periodically

About the Artist/Author, Robyn Nola
Robyn Nola is a creative soul who is passionate about nature and color therapy. Her art shows the joy, peace and beauty she sees in the world. She believes color and nature are two of the most powerful healing agents. Following her passion of creating and writing positive affirmations has helped Robyn her heal her life. Robyn’s art and affirmations have been a channel for her ongoing healing and she is very grateful to be able to share her gifts with the world.

Thank you and Bright Blessings to YOU! – iPhone Apps to Brighten and Enlighten

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